Creative Talent Partners is the answer for companies looking to develop the effectiveness of the managers and teams

We're a good fit if:

  • You know you need to bolster manager skills from the ground up.

  • You want relief from miscommunication and conflict avoidance.

  • You need under-equipped managers to increase their self-awareness and effectiveness.

  • You want to refresh the leadership fundamentals of your senior managers.

If you’re here to tackle any of the above, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I'm Cecilia Gorman.

Ad agencies and other creatively-minded companies work with me because I know the creative space, especially how to maneuver environments that are typically fast-paced, ego-infused and challenging.

My 20+ years working in advertising - from production to recruiting to training and HR - lends me a perspective that's unique in the training space. Attendees love my energy and enthusiasm, in addition to hearing examples and action steps that are relevant to their work and realistic in a creative culture.
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Some of my recent engagements include:

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